Custom Caps 🧢🎨

  • Custom Caps 🧢🎨

A custom hat can consist of a video game, cartoon/tv show character of your choice. You can choose to either have just the brim of the hat done or the whole hat done.


Brim: $85.00
Whole hat: $150.00
Hat options

If you have your own hat please be sure to let me know via email. With already having your own hat all you’ll have to do is send it in to me and it will be painted. If you do not have your own hat you can either purchase one first before ordering or I can order your hat for you, keep in mind that the hat price will be included with the final price. All details can be discussed and finalized through email.

Turn-around time can be up to 2 weeks max. Orders are done in the order they’re received. Any questions please feel free to email me!